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About John Riddle



John has a rich history of meeting people's needs. Beginning his career in the banking industry in 1964, his experience as vice president of a bank quickly taught him the dynamics of interpersonal and professional relationships and the importance of listening to and meeting the needs of others. In 1981, he and his family moved to Dallas, TX where he attended Dallas Theological Seminary. Upon receiving his Master of Theology in 1986, he was involved in Christian counseling and further specialized training in methods and principles of counseling. In 1992, he returned to East Tennessee and established Christian Counseling of Knoxville. Since 1992, he has walked alongside hundreds of people as they have tackled the journey of life, providing objective, reasoned guidance grounded in the principles of the Bible. His approach is personal, warm, and direct. It's not just talk-therapy; John will challenge any broken ways of operating and thinking and help you move toward more productive and positive practices. The goals are successful change and healthy people.

Areas of specialization

Marriage and Premarital

Relationship Issues
Anxiety or Fears
Loss or Grief

Assessment Options

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis

Personal Profile System (DiSC)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Family Relationship Inventory

Marital Assessment Inventory

Family History Analysis

Prepare/Enrich Program

Spiritual Life Inventory



Payment information
Assessments range in cost from $15 to $25 each and are used to cut counseling time by weeks.
Counseling sessions are $75 per hour. I accept cash, check or cards.
Typically, counseling begins with weekly sessions. As progress is made, sessions can become less frequent.
Some people cannot afford weekly sessions and find that even one hour a month can bring growth.
Pre-marital counseling is typically six sessions in length with options to continue if there is an apparent need. There are special pricing considerations for premarital counseling, so interested couples should call for specific details. For more information on premarital click Here.


Client testimonials
Single Professional
"I was 29 and still single. I was depressed and my faith in God was nearly gone. In counseling, I learned what an impact my growing up had on how I related to others. I learned we are all shaped by our families in both positive and negative ways. Without blaming my mom or dad, I was able to make the relationship changes that opened up new possibilities."

Married Again
"This was the second marriage for both of us and with the stress of our two sets of kids and ex-spouses; it looked like we were going to split. CCK helped us understand the "blended" family struggles and how we could forge a new future."
Premarital Training
"Our premarital counseling was a gift from our families. It prepared us in ways we had not thought of."
College Student
"I was referred to CCK by a former roommate, but was very fearful of going to counseling. I thought that was for crazy people. I finally agreed to at least go one time. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. I felt accepted, not judged, not crazy nor weird. I learned truths about who I was in Christ and how I could see myself like God saw me. I was able to accept God’s view of me and life is great."
"Our teen was going totally away from what we taught. We felt scared and helpless as we watched. CCK helped our teen in personal sessions but more than that, we learned as a family how to relate in a healthy supportive way."
Marriage Struggles
"We were going through some real changes in our marriage. CCK helped us grow and taught us how to manage the crisis. Our marriage of twenty years should make it to fifty-plus!"
"We had strayed in our commitment to each other but wanted to make the marriage work. It felt like no love was left. CCK taught us how to forgive and how to create a new marriage that we could be happy in."
Marriage Check-Up
"We just wanted a marriage check-up. It confirmed some of what we knew was good but it also showed us ways we could really grow."