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Developing A Healthy Marriage
What will it take?
In order to have a healthy marriage you need two healthy people. No one is perfectly healthy so we all need to learn, grow, adapt and change.
Step One - Honesty
Whether you are just thinking about getting engaged or have been married for years, the beginning step is to be willing and open to taking an honest look at yourself and the relationship. Since every couple is unique, you will meet with me to determine and personalize the best program for you.
Step Two - Assessments and Inventories
A problem well defined is a problem half solved. Depending on your particular needs and objectives, you will complete a few assessments and inventories (some available online) that will help you to more rapidly determine what is needed to make you and your marriage more healthy.
Step Three - Individual Sessions
In order for me to get a clear understanding of how you see yourself, your partner and the relationship, I will meet with each of you alone. During that time, what you share will be confidential so that you can be free to tell me whatever you feel I need to know to help.
We will discuss the different assessments and inventories that you completed to make sure I have understood what you wanted to communicate. Together we will set some goals and objectives that apply to you individually. We will select a course of action designed to help you reach those goals.
Step Four - Couple's Session
Now it is time to meet again as a couple. During this session we will answer the questions: "Now what do we do? Where do we go from here?"
Keeping the aspects of the individual sessions confidential, we will discuss the relationship and the common goals and objectives that you have. We will specify what you each need to do for your relationship. This will be a very educational session as we see how you can better relate, how God has uniquely created you, what each of you brings to the relationship and how it can all work together.