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Christian Counseling of Knoxville is a non-denominational ministry, offering Biblical counseling and discipleship for individual, couple and family needs, all in a warm, personal, private environment. I do not diagnose nor treat mental illness. I deal with a person's relationship with God and the way that relationship impacts their world.  That may be in your personal life, marriage, family life or even the way your emotions play out at work.


Sometimes people feel like they just can't make life work the way they want it to. Perhaps you feel like you've tried everything - forgetting the past, staying busy and going from one relationship to another in an effort to feel better, anything to keep from thinking about how life is turning out. Perhaps you used to believe God was there for you, but now it seems God is very far away.


There is no shame in taking charge of your responsibilities by seeking help. There is no need to continue hurting yourself, and maybe even others around you. You can make peace with your past, yourself, and your God.



If you are uncertain about your need for counseling or how I can help, call and ask for a free evaluation over the phone (865-670-6906). That will be a time to help identify what needs to change and, more importantly, how to go about changing. If you decide to pursue counseling, we will get to the root of the problems that you see in your life. We will work together as you grow through the current circumstances and re-learn healthy ways of thinking, handling stressors, and relating to others. There IS hope. Things CAN change. Sometimes we just need a little help!


Look at  About-us.aspx for more information about the areas of help that are available.

Christian Counseling of Knoxville
624 Gulfwood Road
Knoxville, TN 37923
By Appointment only
Some weekend availability